Nitro-Draught dispensing system

The Nitro-Draught™ is a nitrogen and mixed gas dispensing system that makes for the perfect wine and draught beer dispensing solution.

The Nitro-Draught™ system is comprised of a nitrogen gas generator which, when connected to a CO2 tank, can produce fully customized blends of N2 & CO2. High purity nitrogen is stored in the included surge vessel for wine dispensing, and BIB or Beer pumps, etc.


  • Creates 99.8% pure nitrogen from the air
  • Creates customized blends of nitrogen and carbon dioxide
  • Minimizes foaming
  • Preserves freshness
  • Increases beer shelf life

Convenience: No more changing or running out. No more ordering or worrying which old fashion high-pressure cylinder is full or empty. Much more effective use of space and employee training and labor.

Safety: The low operating pressure of the Nitro-Draught versus the 2,000 psig of other high-pressure cylinders. The Nitro-Draught is permanently mounted, so no chains are required. Plus no more moving heavy cylinders or using wrenches!

Quality: Our food and beverage grade nitrogen is a minimum purity of 99.8% compared with the unknown quality of those old fashion high-pressure cylinders. Endless flow maintains consistent food and beverage quality and customer satisfaction.

Savings: With a single, low monthly service fee, we will provide limitless nitrogen. No deposits, delivery fees, fuel surcharges, lost cylinder bills, multiple invoices to handle. With Nitro-Draught, we will improve your operation and improve your profit!


  • Nitrogen for blenders
  • Coffee dispensing and nitrogenation
  • Soda and Beer Pumps
  • Wine preservation and dispensing
  • Brewery product transfer, tank inerting, nitrogenation
  • And many, many more!

Whether for a local pub, stadium, winery or brewery, the NitroDraught™ will be a perfect fit.

With our systems, you get a better looking and tasting draught, less waste, more profits, and most importantly, satisfied and loyal customers.

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