The Role of CO2 in Pool Water

You may not be aware of this but, carbon dioxide is a great solution for helping to maintain lower pH levels in swimming pools. CO2 offers a logical and potentially safer alternative to harsh chemicals in your pool.

In the past, muriatic acid was the preferred solution for lowering pH levels, but the benefits of carbon dioxide have been gaining popularity in part because it is a safer solution.

pool water that uses co2

The CO2 gas is injected through a regulator, and when mixed with water, carbon dioxide (CO2) produces carbonic acid, a fairly mild acid which will reduce the pH level of pool water.

The mild acid produced by the mixture of CO2 and water is a safe carbonic acid and is just as effective as mineral acids in lowering pH levels. Carbon dioxide also forms a natural bicarbonate buffer that stabilizes the pH levels in the pool.

Safer and Easier

Another benefit to CO2 for lowering pH levels in pools is that it is less labor intensive. CO2 doesn’t require handling chemicals so there is no fear of splashes that can cause burns to the skin. And carbon dioxide is also a more environmentally friendly solution than muriatic acid.

If the feeder or controller malfunctions, the pool water can become fizzy like a carbonated soft drink, but because the acid is mild it won’t be as corrosive or damaging to the pool or the bathers in the way that more acidic pH adjustment products would be.

There are numerous options for delivering the carbon dioxide to the pool water and for storing the CO2 tanks. For more information about CO2 home delivery, contact your local CO2 gas specialists!

Dangers of high pH Levels

A high pH level in a swimming pool leaves it vulnerable to numerous problems, including the growth of algae and micro-organisms. The ideal pH range for pool water is between 7.2 and 7.8.

If you own or care for a pool, you know that keeping it clean and your pH levels balanced are a huge part of enjoying them. To maintain a proper pH level in swimming pools that keeps them safe and comfortable for swimmers, carbon dioxide has become the preferred method.

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