Supplying So Much More Than CO2

Yes, CO2 is one of the main products we supply to business and homeowners alike, but don’t be fooled. Easy CO2 supplies oxygen cylinders and nitrogen, as well. Though our website goes into heavy detail about what applications CO2 (carbon dioxide) offers, we don’t typically delve too much into practical nitrogen or oxygen uses like we will in this article.

Nitrogen in Your Tires

When people think of nitrogen, they often think of chemical labs or, if they’re savvy, they might think of how it’s about three-quarters of the air we breathe. But what’s not thought about is tire pressure. Nitrogen-filled tires use less PSI (pounds per square inch) than oxygen and don’t respond to the heat and cold like standard air does in tires. Nitrogen also offers the added luxury of long-lasting stability as it is less likely to penetrate the rubber walls of your tire like standard air does.

oxygen tanks

Oxygen: For More Than Just Old Folks

Normally, when you imagine oxygen tanks you think of scuba divers and old people. The truth is, there are hundreds of industries that require the use of oxygen to help them thrive. From compressed oxygen gas for agricultural sites or metal construction, to the food and beverage industry to liquid oxygen for creating glass, Easy CO2 supplies oxygen in compressed, gaseous form or liquid form to many businesses across the country.

Oxygen in Transportation

Metals processors have come to rely on Easy CO2 for quite some time now for all of their products to help reduce operating costs, increase production, and improve overall product quality. These metals are then used to comprise the inner workings and frames of boats, busses, airplanes, automobiles, and motorcycles and bikes.

At Easy CO2, we offer a full range of gasses, gas tech and handling equipment, and technical know-how with the industry experience we have. Should the need arise for any type of compressed or liquid gas such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide, don’t hesitate to Easy CO2 a call. We have what you need and at prices that are quite competitive.



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