About Our Company

Easy CO2 is a division of Sidney Lee Welding Supply, Inc. that provides businesses with convenient, more cost effective carbonation solutions. We are family owned and operated, and have been doing business in Metro Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia for over 45 years. We are proud of our high-end products and offer our services 24/7 just incase of emergencies.

Why We’re Better Than The Rest

Did you know that a standard bulk CO2 system that uses low pressure cryogenic vessels on average vents off 30% of its valuable gases? It is quite common for low-pressure bulk systems to vent off for up to an hour, releasing harmful CO2 into the atmosphere and wasting resources that you paid for. Having to swap out cylinders also attributes to lost CO2. This type of refill method forces you to temporarily shutdown the system, causing complete pressure loss and wasted CO2 needed to restart the system.

Easy CO2 delivers innovative technologies for the next generation of Carbon Dioxide dispensing. Our breakthrough products and services bring customers CO2 gas in a greener and more efficient stationary system that eliminates venting and product loss. Easy CO2 systems never need replacing and do not require a contract.

What Does This Mean For The Customer?

  • No more headaches from switching out cylinder during a rush and risking personal injury.
  • No more venting loss, dry ice concerns, and vacuum problems.
  • Never lose pressure during high volume use.
  • No more losing gaskets or breaking regulators if a cylinder tips over while changing them out.
  • No more paying rent on sitting, unused cylinders.
  • No more running out of CO2 and scrambling to get more.
  • Day or night fillings without entering the premises.
  • Lower overall costs for CO2.
  • Same day service.
  • A greener carbonation system.

In short, our new CO2 systems provide you with a safer work environment, hassle-free refills, and are a cheaper, earth friendly carbonating solution.

How Do We Do It?

We customize each carbonation system to match the usage specifications of the customer. Switching to Easy CO2 is a breeze. We simply replace your existing cylinders with our new high-pressure cylinders, and add a fill box to a convenient outside location. When your system needs refilling, our state-of-the-art trucks will come by and quickly refill the system.

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