Bulk CO2 tanks

Food Grade Gases

We offer food grade gases used for packaging and beverage crafting. These gases can be used in combination or separately. Gases Offered Carbon dioxide Nitrogen Oxygen These gases are...

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Beer Mixers

Our beer mixers are pre-mixed blends some part carbon dioxide and some part nitrogen. These mixers are used to create nitrogen-infused beers, giving them a unique and excellent flavor....

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Nitro-Draught dispensing system


The Nitro-Draught™ is a nitrogen and mixed gas dispensing system that makes for the perfect wine and draught beer dispensing solution. The Nitro-Draught™ system is comprised of a nitrogen...

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Green-Trol flow regulator

Green-trol Flow Control Unit

The Green-Trol Flow Control Unit is a user-friendly and installation-friendly high flow rated regulator that’s perfect for greenhouses and swimming pools. This control unit connects to any ppm (parts...

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Safe-T-Flo line monitor

Safe-T-Flo CO2 Line Monitor

The Safe-T-Flo CO2 Line Monitor is a gas flow monitoring system that connects to CO2 producing sources. This monitor is equipped with a sensory system that will automatically stop...

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